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VIMEDCELL Stemcell Treatment for POTENCY

There can be many reasons why you may be suffering from a lessened sexual desire. Therefore, we analyze all possible reasons and risks for impotence during our premium medical check-up at the VIMEDCELL Clinic.

Some possible reasons for impotency:

  • Stress factors

  • Diabetes

  • Reduced oxygen and nutrition to the region of your sexual organs

  • Reduced Nitrogen Oxide production in the cells that form the wall of your blood vessels

  • Hormonal changes

  • Psychological factors

  • Adverse effects from certain medication


After analyzing all risk factors for the reason behind your impotency, you will be given our famous VIMEDCELL Stemcell treatment. This therapy is individual developed for you. With our therapy, we can improve your potency and increase your sperm activity.

One of our patients, Dr. O.Y.G. from the Middle East was concerned about his Impotence. The patient was telling us that he was suffering from impotence and could not meet the sexual expectations of his younger wife. After receiving the VIMEDCELL Stemcell Therapy, he is now having many children and is sending all his brothers and cousins to us for a similar issues.

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