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Areas of Focus

- Negative Maternal Imprints
- Anxiety
- Self-worth and Self-love
- Guilt and Shame
- Female Epigenetic Imprints
- Male Epigenetic Imprints
- Karmagenetic Imprints


After several years in the medical field, it became clear that in order to bring individuals up to their best health and to their true potential, physical health on its own sometimes has its boundaries and can only help to a certain extend. Sometimes the problem lies much deeper and conventional or natural medicine on its own it is impossible to get to the root cause. Bringing someone to their true potential requires that their physical health and information health are all in balance.


Information medicine can support focusing on the human energy field. The human body is surrounded by and emits various kinds of energy: electrical, magnetic, light, and more. Health and disease appear to be related to the flow or lack of flow of our energetic systems. Modern quantum physics provides the framework for energy medicine. Einstein demonstrated that matter and energy are interchangeable and therefore our bodies are energy.


After extensive research and years of trainings, the team cherry picked and combined those information medicine offers that
1) are truly effective and beneficial by identifying and transforming the root cause – the underlying cause
2) improvements don’t take a life time to implement and manifest
3) the positive manifestation lasts
The pieces of the puzzle were put together with a wonderful output, the VIMED EpigenCode. The VIMED EpigenCode helps to get rid of the heavy backpack on the shoulders in an easy and quick way to finally be able to enjoy live.

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