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Deactivate negative imprints and live the best life you deserve



Does it ever feel like you are not destined to experience the best life?

“There is always a feeling of emptiness regardless of what I do...”

“There is never a satisfactory feeling,
but I don't know why or can't
explain what it is…”

“I sometimes feel things that I have never experienced myself and face challenges for which I often cannot find a solution…”

“I sometimes feel things that I have never experienced myself and face challenges for which I often cannot find a solution…”

Do these sound familiar to you?

If so, you are not alone. 

The world has changed … The past years have left a lot of us contemplating what our lives will look like in the future.

The big question to most is, wouldn’t it be great to live your best life, be present, be happy, appreciate yourself and your loved ones, just live.

Any dissatisfaction you felt pre-lockdown has likely been aggravated during this period of stress and uncertainty.

Understandably, more than ever you are looking to find meaning and purpose in your live.

You know now is the time to change, however, you are unable to move. 

Behind each of these feelings, there is always an invisible underlying cause.

You are well aware of the picture of the iceberg. Only a small part of the iceberg being visible on the surface of the water. HOWEVER a huge part of the iceberg is below the water. This chunk below the water nicely reflects the invisible underlying cause that is holding you “down”, to live the best life.

At first you think you know what the problem is. You are connecting it to the past lockdowns, family situation you grew up with or some of the experiences that you have made in your lifetime, which had an effect on who and how you are.

You may have already worked on this, however, without success. Or you thought you had success, but it did not last for very long, it simply did not manifest.

So what gives?

Why do we sometimes feel things that we have never experienced ourselves and face challenges for which we often cannot find a solution?


Or why do we feel limited in the most diverse areas of life and ultimately do not get into our own strength, developing our potential and living our best life.

The answer?


Living The Best Life Begins With This

Let me ask you a simple question: 

Why do we have feelings of constant dissatisfaction, under achievement and emptiness?

These feelings keep us from living the best life.

They waste away our time, effort and worst of all, our energy. The same applies to our health and wellbeing.


Well, it’s because of the underlying causes that are often undetected and therefore not dealt with successfully.

SIMPLY PUT, we need to understand the real underlying cause – and deactivate it.

Decades of research at leading universities, such as Oxford, Harvard, MIT and Stanford have shown that invisible underlying causes can be imprints from living conditions, experiences and generational influences that are inherited via the genes.

Our parents, grandparents and ancestors have not only passed on their genes to us, but also their living conditions, their very personal and traumatic experiences, their limitations, fears and acquired imprints.

Many of these imprints have an effect in our life and are even passed on to our children and grandchildren via the genes.

Scientists have learned that experiences can cause cells to deactivate a gene or boost its activity, sometimes permanently and throughout generations.

This scientific research is called Epigenetics.

When a gene is deactivated an underlying cause is deactivated and life feels lighter.

It’s the type of feeling that makes every cell in your body dance.

One where you grow, fulfil your life’s purpose and get to be 100% yourself.

It’s the kind of feeling that lightens your day.

A life where you can be present, enjoying yourself, your loved ones.

A fulfilling life, a happy life that you deserve and are destined to live.

A life where you are not missing out the good parts, without feeling suffocating or drowning.

A life, where you can flourish again, be present and achieving your goals.

Simply put you feel full of light, happiness and energy..

But before I show you how to do that, let me introduce you to VIMED CELL for those who do not know us.


Hi, I am Ramona, Founder of VIMED CELL.

VIMED CELL is a team of medical doctors, health practitioners as well as energetic practitioners and nutritionist. Throughout the last decades, the team has helped thousands of Opinion leaders and world class athletes to bring their health and wellbeing to its best.

Something was missing

After several years in the medical field, it became clear that in order to bring individuals up to their best health and to their true potential, physical health on its own is insufficient and can only help to a certain extend. Sometimes the problem lies much deeper and “only” with conventional and natural medicine it is still insufficient to get to the underlying cause.

Getting to the underlying cause

Starting off decades ago with a unique physical health offering, the team came to realize it is necessary to also look at health from an energetic health perspective. Specifically, to bring someone to their true potential, it requires that their physical health and energetic health are all in balance. 

Therefore, it became clear that these two areas needed to be included.

Before any offering was added to the health offering, the team conducted deep research and tested many available methods to find out what practices are effective and beneficial.

Many available practices dropped out of the list as they were ineffective or simply did not go deep enough.

Most of the offers are working on the tip of the iceberg neglecting to identify the real underlying cause of the problem – which is the part of the iceberg beneath the surface.

For the other practices that were interesting, the VIMED CELL team partnered up with very pronoun experts in the field and underwent intense training over the years to completely grasp the benefits of the specific techniques.

After extensive research and trainings, the team cherry picked and combined those offers that

1) are truly effective and beneficial by identifying and transforming the root cause – the underlying cause

2) improvements don’t take a life time to implement and manifest

3) the positive manifestation lasts

The pieces of the puzzle were put together with a wonderful output, the EpigenCode.

The EpigenCode is an energetic medicine combining the most beneficial epigenetic energy practices and information medicine to deactivate negative and blocking imprints, no matter if inherited or self-experienced.

This offer was introduced to our opinion leaders from around the world and the results perceived were and still are tremendous.

For the past years, with the EpigenCode we already helped to transform the lives of many  individuals by deactivating various underlying causes.

Our goal is to help everyone achieve to live the best life by making this work available to anyone.

We know we can deactivate your underlying causes that are holding you back to live your best life. That is why we are inviting you to join an individual EpigenCode session with us.

If you are feeling empty, you will feel filled with purpose and meaning in life.

If you are feeling paralysed, you will become energetic.


Take action NOW and transform your life.”

How The Session Works

During an EpigenCode Session we will energetically deactivate one negative underlying cause to path the way for you to live your best life.

Deactivation will take place in 3 Phases.


In Phase 1, you will receive a questionnaire from us to get a better understanding of your current situation and emotional state.

Additionally, together, we will arrange the appointment for your individual virtual EpigenCode session.


In Phase 2, your individual EpigenCode session will take place. During the session, we will pinpoint one of your most urgent underlying cause that is blocking you. Once identified, we will energetically transform the underlying cause.

The EpigenCode session is taking place virtually and takes around 60-90 minutes


In Phase 3 we will focus on maintaining the tremendous transformation. You will receive a unique EpigenCode meditation. You will have to listen to the meditation for 21 days to assure the transformation is fixed and maintained in each of your cells.

What You Will Get in the EpigenCode session


A Transformational Meditation Audio (CHF 35 VALUE)

Identification Journal Print (CHF 26 VALUE)

Individual virtual EpigenCode session to deactive one underlying cause (CHF 260 VALUE)

The EpigenCode meditation for maintenance (CHF 53 Value)

BONUS: Video Lesson “How to Evoke the Feeling” to maintain the positive energy (CHF 89 VALUE)

BONUS: Positive transformation healing music 60 min (CHF 26 VALUE)

Total Value: CHF489

As you can see, the total value of this challenge is CHF 489

In order for you to enjoy the international women’s day 2022 and feel more energetic and lighter, it Will Only Be 
CHF 249 instead CHF 489


Because we know what the last years of regulations and lockdowns have caused to many of us, facing massive struggles how to continue life, asking yourself what parts of the life pre-lockdown is it worth going back to?

We know that there are so many strong women out there that can make a real difference in our world, our society and communities but that are burned (out) due to the continued, self-less support for everyone around them.

We at VIMED CELL want to contribute and support all women to make this world a better place. We as women can go in our full strength and make such a difference if you are free from blockades that are holding us back for no reason.

Therefore, wthe team and I would like to make this special gift to you to strengthen you to make this a better place moving into the future.And we truly believe this will be done if you live your best life.

So, when you are ready to finally laim the life that you deserve, enroll here.

What Opinion Leaders Have Said About EpigenCode

Lori K.

If it wasn`t for the EpigenCode, I wouldn‘t be where I am now. I found out about my underlying causes that I carried around all my life. Since then, I am beyond grateful and happy! I knew, what was holding me back, I was able to eliminate them - my life is unrecognizable"

Matthias S.

I finally know, what it‘s like to be happy and loved. I’m living proof that it’s never too late to take back control of your life and take matters into your own hands. After taking the VIMED CELL course, I got my self-esteem back. I am more content than ever before and see the world with a happy and content view.

Brandon L.

I did not know what emotional baggage I was carrying arround all these years with me. When you learn about the real issues that are holding you back, to become the best version of yourself, your life will instantly change for better. Because you are truly working on the real issues. 


The EpigenCode therapy is complementary, not alternative to a physical health treatment. .We strongly urge you to continue with any medical treatment and medication programme until advised to stop by your doctor.

  • What is the EpigenCode formula?
    Throughout an EpigenCode session blockages - imprints - that are holding you back are energetically deactivated.
  • What is epigenetic?
    The term epigenetics is composed of the words: Epi (ancient Greek: in addition / in addition) and genetics, the knowledge and teaching of inheritance. So epigenetics is about which additional factors affect our inheritance. The area of epigenetic is the link between environmental influences, living conditions, experiences and genes. The science of epigenetics researches how experiences and events, traumatic experiences and living conditions of parents, grandparents and our ancestors are passed on to the descendants and what consequences this has.
  • Is there an age requirement?
    There are no age requirements.
  • For whom is EpigenCode?
    For anyone that is experiencing hidden setbacks in life and would like to identify and eliminate their underlying causes that are holding you back to become the best version of yourself.
  • Do I have to come to you for treatment or can it be done via digital connections?
    The EpigenCode transformation formula is designed to be practiced and performed from anywhere.
  • How do you perform an EpigenCode session?
    The EpigenCode session is taking place virtually and takes around 60-90 minutes. During the session, we will pinpoint one of your most urgent underlying cause that is blocking you. Once identified, we will energetically transform the underlying cause.
  • Are there any scientifc proof?
    Leading Universities, such as Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Stanford and others have put a lot of attention to the study of epigenetics. Throughout the decades of research they have shown that living conditions, experiences and generational influences have a significant impact and they have a continued interest to find out more.
  • Am I being treated with others or individually?
    The session is for you only.
  • Who are VIMED CELL team members?
    You will find more information on our About Us section.

Ready to start your best life in the year 2022!?

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