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Q&A about VIMEDCELL And Its Unique Stemcell Treatment

  • At VIMEDCELL we are a unique and boutique stemcell clinic helping to optimize appearance and wellbeing.

  • We are a true holistic clinic combining the physical health with information medicine bringing ones health and appearance to its best. 

  • Never forget, your beauty is a reflection of your inner health

What makes you so unique that wealthy guests come from all over the world to get the VIMEDCELL stemcell treatment?

Our guests mention repeatedly that we have a unique setup:

  1. We do a one-by-one treatment, that makes it not only comfortable and discrete for the individual, and on the other hand it gives us enough time to identify the root cause of the health problem  

  2. Also, after the therapy, our guests feel a significant improvement and they love our holistic approach including the body, mind and soul. We take the most effective solutions from school medicine, natural medicine and information medicine 

  3. Our medical team has a vast experience with each doctor having more than 30 years practical experience. 

  4. We have developed a very modern technology which makes our cell treatment highly save and effective. 

  5. Your beauty is a reflection of your health and therefore it is important that you become rich in health. 

  6. You are worth to be the best version of yourself and you deserve to feel and even look better for very long.Therefore, we recommend to start taking good care of your health rather sooner than later. 


Our therapies have helped many individuals from all over the world to become rich in health. Rich in health means achieving improved health and vitality, by overcoming fatigue, reducing and eliminating pain, increasing fertility, strengthening cognitive abilities and simply feeling and looking better for longer.


Why are your treatments effective for beauty?

  • As is commonly known, your beauty is a reflection of your health. This means that your health, which consists of various levels such as mind, body and soul, has to be in good order.

  • At VIMED CELL, we always start with a premium medical checkup to see what are the health deficiencies. These checkups work on multiple layers. On the one side we are focusing on the physical health and on the other side we assess the mind and soul status. 

  • Once we put this puzzle together and know where the deficiencies are we put together a tailor made program to repair the damaged areas and ultimately we bring everything back in a good balance. And once you achieve the best of health, this has a tremendous effect on your beauty.

What other health issues do you treat?


With this holistic repairing concept which triggers the self-healing, there are many health issues that we address: 

  • Anti-aging and longevity
  • Chronic Pain

  • Fertility

  • Potency

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & and recently more and more Long COVID cases

  • Hormonal disbalance

  • Thyroid treatments

  • Erase maternal imprints, anxiety,

  • And many more



At what age do people come to you?


You know, our cells in the body start deteriorating from the age of 25. However, we often only think about our health, when the signs of aging become visible or noticeable. Most people start with the age of 50 years to heavily invest in their health, even though the recommendation is to start at 35 years to prevent health issues to arise. The majority of our guest are aged between 45 and 75 years. 




How long do I have to stay?


There are three options. Number 1 is 


  • Either you come to us in Germany, on the border to Switzerland and stay with us for 2-5 days

  • The other option is our concierge service upon request we go to various countries

  • For the information medicine we also offer virtual sessions


Is there any guarantee that the treatment is working?​
  • First, we check out the medical reports to see if the treatment can be beneficial. Based on our experience the team can quickly assess what the success rate could be. We have a high return rate of our guest which is a good indicator for us that our guest are satisfied

Do you do Botox and plastic surgery at VIMEDCELL:
  • No, we focus on the self healing of the body. For Botox and plastic surgery there are other experts in this field


  • Over the years we have seen that at certain health issues or with certain guest out treatment can only go that far and we are missing on the last 5%. Even if we combine the best out of 2 worlds, the school medicine and the natural medicine, we often could see that we identified the root cause but something was holding back to really solve the issue by a 100% and not coming back. This is, after many years of our own research, we came up with Information Medicine and the Epigen Code.

  • What is Information Medicine:

    • After several years in the medical field, it became clear that in order to bring individuals up to their best health and to their true potential, physical health on its own sometimes has its boundaries and can only help to a certain extend. Sometimes the problem lies much deeper and conventional or natural medicine on its own it is impossible to get to the root cause. Bringing someone to their true potential requires that their physical health and information health are all in balance.

  • What is holistic medicine

    • We believe that the whole person is made up of interdependent parts and if one part is not working properly, all the other parts will be affected. In this way, if people have imbalances (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in their lives, it can negatively affect their overall health.

  • What makes your holistic medicine so unique:

    • We try to get rid of all road blocks to enforce the self-healing of the body. This can be on different levels. If we take the example the beauty, how your skin can be affected by so many different parts. If one has an unhealthy skin it could be that the body tries to get rid toxins such as heavy metals. But because the filters are closed the toxins spread throughout the body and therefore create an irritated skin. This we would solve physical- in combination with information medicine.

    • Loosing hair can have over 200 medical reasons. On top of this you can add the energetical reasons. To solve this you have to first understand where is this problem coming from. One cause could be an irritation of the thyroid, on the physical level. To understand why is the thyroid not functioning might entail a detailed physical check-up. But then the thyroid energetically is also considered the organ that speaks out. These are just examples.


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