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Couple, 61&53
Male, 52
Male, 59
Female, 43
Male, 73
Family treatment
Couple, 56&48

One of the best things about our VIMED CELL experience where the people involved in terms of looking after us.

We had not thought of and were not aware of the fact that we would be the only patients at the time.

I assumed there would be a waiting room and I would be chatting to complete strangers. People who are waiting for the doctor…No entirely not.

During the time treatment is completely, uniquely, exclusively for you.

Fortunately, I was able to leave VIMED CELL with great result. I suffered from Frozen shoulder, which was resolved.

I had knee  problems which were resolved.

This is a novel of patient care that I have not experienced anywhere else in the world.

So it was incredible to find myself the unique focus of so many professionals.

Warm, considerate, thoughtful, generous people , knowledgeable,  that in itself was a complete highlight.

At VIMED CELL during the entire treatment, your entire  experience is completely, uniquely, exclusively about you.

And even if they had turned around and said there is nothing we can do for you.

Just the fact that I had that level of intention, that level of interest and commitment in my physical well being was an experience that I have not experienced before.

Female, 53

Based on the VIMED boutique clinic concept, I was the only patient there the entire staff was there to greet me, sit in on the discussion  about my medical condition, where everything was focused around an holistic understanding of what my condition was.

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