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Invest in your health for your future for a long, happy and healthy life.

Stem cell treatment and innovative therapies at VIMED CELL Clinic

Treating only one client at a time, the tailored cell therapies are based on hard science, diagnosis and decades of experiences. The aim is to treat the root cause instead of only the symptoms.The VIMED CELL treatment solutions work on combating longevity, energy loss, pain relief, skin rejuvenation, fertility, anti-aging and many other mild to moderate health issues. 

Years of experience

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Get your online consultation with a medical adviser

Please fill out the form to discuss the disease and treatment options with one of our VIMED CELL expert. You’ll be contacted by a Medical Adviser who will collect information for the doctor and answer your basic questions.

Based on your medical reports, the doctors will assess whether you’re a candidate for the therapy.

The experts will consider:

  • Whether stem cell therapy will be effective in your specific case?

  • What the treatment involves?

  • How much does it cost?

What diseases can we treat with our holistic stem cell approach?

We design and implement a comprehensive and individually tailored care plan that treats the entire person – body, mind and soul. For some cases, applying only stem cells may not be enough. Cell therapy works more effectively when combined with other therapeutic methods. We've seen various levels of recovery after treating the following diseases (including but not limited to):

And more than 145 video success stories with a vast variety of diseases

Patient testimonials provided on this site are for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a guaranteed result for every case of illness. The treatment result depends on the disease, patient's condition, number of treatment procedures, etc.

Q&A video session about stem cell treatment

The VIMED CELL CEO has been interviewed by Middle Eastern actress and producer Maisa Maggrebi about the positive effect on our unique stem cell therapy. 

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Do you want to know more about Stem Cell treatment?

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Is stem cell treatment effective?

Arrange a FREE online consultation with a Swiss Medica Medical Advisor today & get your expected results based on your diagnosis and medical reports. Fill out the contact form and speak with the Care Coordinators today.

You’ll be contacted by a Medical Adviser who will collect information for the doctor and answer your basic questions:

  • How do stem cells work?

  • How effective is it for the specific disease?

  • Treatment results of the patients

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