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VIMEDCELL Medical Experts in Stem Cell Therapy

At VIMED CELL you will be in the hand of one medical expert, who will take care of you through out the whole process. This helps to improve the quality of the outcome as there are no reporting errors.

Dr. Heinz

Dr. Heinz is a latin-prodigee turned doctor who had a career in both civilian and military medicine prior to becoming an Anti-Aging medicine specialist and heading VIMEDCELL.
As the second child of doctor parents, Dr. J. H. Ess has been interested in medicine from a young age. This might be the reason why he aced Latin prior to studying medicine at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, as most medical terms have a latin origin. After studying medicine more than 30 years ago, Dr. Ess practiced as a reserve surgeon in the Navy and had a career as an internal medicine practitioner specializing in critical care sono- graphy, becoming a specialist in Rheumatology, Immunology and cell therapy. For over two decades, Dr. Ess practiced as a general practitioner and gave unparalleled service to more than 2,700 patients and clients per month in that time period. In 2011, the doctor shifted from his long career in general practice to the more specialized field of Longevity, Anti-Aging, Fertility and aging related medicine. Thus, this is how Dr. Heinz became a part of the premier team of physicians at VIMEDCELL.

As an Anti-Aging and longevity medicine specialist in VIMED CELL, Dr. Heinz benefits the whole team and the patients by imparting his knowledge of internal medicine together with the practice of Anti-Aging medicine. He is certified to conduct advanced medical procedures such as sonography of the abdomen and sono-thyroid pain therapy incl- uding infiltration, pulmonary function testing, EKG, unidirectional Doppler, sonographic representation of neck vessels, minor surgery and wound care. His decades long career as a general practitioner also makes Dr. Heinz able to diagnose and care for diseases such as Rheumatology and Auto- immune diseases, connective tissue diseases, etc., orthopedic, non-surgical rheumatology cases including pun- ctures and injections, infectious disease and thyroid disease.

Dr. Heinz is especially sought after by patients and clients who have COPD, Rheum- atology, Pain, Fertility, Potency and Diabetes as he is well versed in the disease management programs of the said diseases, making him a very much in-demand member of the VIMED CELL team of Anti-Aging physicians.

Dr. Hans Jürgen

Dr. H.J. has more than 35 years of experience as a medical practitioner and is an established board-certified specialist in both Anti-Aging Medicine, Stem Cell Therapy and General Medicine. With a solid track record of having a career in emergency medical services, being one of the few chosen doctors to be a part of the team of physicians for the Special Olympics Germany, and as a head of a Health Center for a multi- national enterprise in which he shone with his post-graduate studies in Human Medicine and Airforce surgeon experience, Dr. H.J. is a pillar of medical excellence. Dr. H.J. is

one of the team of specialists joining VIMEDCELL’s roster of Anti-Aging, Longevity and Cell Therapy practitioners. He has extensively studied and practiced both Aesthetic and Anti-Aging medicine prior to being a part of the VIMED CELL family of specialists. His numerous volunteer works include being one of the doctors chosen for the Special Olympics Germany wherein he has shown exemplary service.

Aside from his medical expertise, Dr. H. J. is also fluent in both French and English and has studied psyc- hology from a premier university prior to embarking to a career in medicine, ensuring that patients and clients from all over the world will have access to a doctor who understands them and can give them top-class holistic care when they avail of the Stem Cell Therapy and other Anti-Aging therapies and services at VIMEDCELL.

An extensive career in both military and civilian medicine plus advanced studies on human psychology, medical care, Aesthetic medicine, Stem Cell Therapy, Longevity and Anti-Aging medicine makes Dr. H. J. a truly valuable member of the VIMED CELL team of specialists and is trusted by numerous satisfied patients and clients from all over the world.

Dr. med. Dieter
Dr. Dieter has a long career in medicine including being a highly recognized certified vascular physician and being a certified specialist in preventive medicine as well.
Dr. Dieter has practiced medicine internationally. His exemplary medical skills paved the way for him becoming a well respected senior medical expert.
Despite being an expert in his field, Dr. Dieter continually joined medical conferences, symposiums and congress in various medical fields such as cell therapy, orthopedics and emergency medicine to remain abreast of the
latest medical trends.
Dr. Dieter has also extensively studied Anti-Aging medicine. He brings with him extensive experience and expertise in to help ensure that VIMEDCELL patients and clients will be given the best care possible.

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