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VIMED CELL Stemcell Diabetes Treatment

It is important to distinguish between the various subtypes of Diabetes

Generally, the VIMED CELL therapies can have positive effects on the glucose regulation as well as the insulin production and insulin secretion in the affected body. Signal substances can be found on the Living Cells. These have a direct impact on neighbouring as well as all body cells when coming into contact with them. VIMEDCELL Stemcell Therapies can improve the current status, especially the effect on the accompanying Diabetes problems (e.g. eyes).

To strengthen the effect of the stemcells and to approach the disease holistically, we recommend to combine the Stem Cell treatment with our Laser Therapy which is very effective to first regenerate the cells with stemcells and then to recharge the cells with Laser. Based on scientific principles and studies, laser therapy, has a record of treating and controlling diabetes mellitus with related complications.

Combined, the therapies can help in the following:


  • At the insulin production stage, the method mitigates the factors that inhibit the production of insulin.

  • It helps cleanse the system of aging insulin receptor cells and improves insulin absorption.

  • It neutralizes the impact of diabetic complications such as neuropathy and retinopathy.

  • It reduces the sugar concentration in blood. No side effects are associated with the light therapy method.

More than half of Diabetes patients treated at VIMEDCELL with our unique stemcell method have seen an improvement of the as-is status and experienced a significant reduction in insulin intake

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