Medical Second Opinion From Our Medical Team in Germany and Switzerland

Medical Second Opinion means, a leading qualified and independent medical expert provides an assessment of your initial diagnosis. This includes an evaluation of whether an operation is indicated in the case in question, or whether an alternative treatment can be considered. Therefore, we pass on incoming cases to specialized experts of our medical network. Finally, we send you the second opinion report in a for you easily understandable language.

Our Second Opinion Services makes it simple to find decisions. 

Our team includes senior experts who each have at least 25 years’ medical experience. Drawing on the latest research and providing entirely science-based treatments, VIMED CELL offers second opinion from world leading doctors.

Our second opinions have helped many patients from all over the world to make the right decision for their health. ​


Submit your medical history to us included all reports. In some cases we also need your MRI/CT/PET scans and x-ray (not older than 3-6 month!) probably, in order for a better evaluation of your case. Finally provide all the documents and the scans by email. If you don’t know how it works we help you.

We can accept your reports in English only. You can book our translation service if your reports are not in English at any time.