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Aging – a Disease.

How Modern Stem Cell Research Announces the Fight Against Age-related Diseases

The dream of eternal life and the desire to remain youthful and vital is as old as humanity itself. Man has been experimenting endlessly to find the “fountain of youth”, including cell therapies. It took many decades to develop cell therapy, which has helped a large number of people to achieve new health and vitality, including emperors and popes, as well as famous actors and politicians everybody knows.

Since the beginnings of the early 1900s, experimenting with cells has resulted in modern, highly sophisticated forms. Thus, stem cell treatment has been used for a long time to help treat conditions and diseases, such as cardio vascular issues, diabetes, stress and sleep disorders, sexual dysfunctions – and not to forget: to slow down the aging process in general and prolong longevity.

Aging can actually be considered a disease, one that does not just affect a few people, but all of us. So what can we do to treat this disease?

It is no secret that stem cell therapy will have a dramatic influence on aging and longevity. This means we will live better without having to suffer as much from degenerative body functions and failing body parts. The aging process is yet an inevitable one, but with anti-aging therapies, we can extend the average life expectancy considerably. In addition, with age the body’s ability of continually generating new cells slows down, often resulting in lack of energy as well as decreasing capability of repairing cells and tissues. Modern anti-aging therapies using stem cells target many conditions and diseases that come along with age, such as sexual dysfunction, insomnia, pain, as well as the appearance of wrinkles and sagging facial tissue. Fortunately, today we are far beyond the days when rejuvenation and regeneration just meant improving the outside of a person. Just remember exaggerated lip enhancements, easily noticeable face-lifts, unnatural-looking body improvements, etc.

Nowadays many different anti-aging treatments are offered on the market. International research over the past years has shown that particularly stem cell therapy is one of the most effective ways to slow down aging processes in the body. Most importantly, stem cell therapy can prevent our body from aging related diseases.

Since stem cell research is developing fast, it is important to distinguish between different approaches offered by clinics. In most cases, it is very difficult for patients to decide which type of therapy will have the best results. In order to heal the outside and the inside of a person, a recently developed type of cell therapy introduces related mediators and messenger substances that are needed to get to every single cell in a body. In fact, a vast amount of research has been done on this.

Previous stem cell therapies always neglected the fact that injecting stem cells just somewhere into our system does not result in any success. The reason for this dilemma is that in such a situation, the stem cells just do not know what to do. After a short time, the cells will die in our body. Latest stem cell therapies achieve far better results by shifting the focus on every single cell in the body, instead of just on entire organs or organ systems. With this method of stem cell


 therapy, appropriate mediator substances and “messengers” are used, which tell the administered cells exactly what to do in a certain location. This is a breakthrough and the crucial key to success of a modern stem cell therapy: You have to respect and to heal EVERY SINGLE CELL in your body to stay healthy.

Another aspect of anti-aging therapy, which is just too often neglected, is the inner vascular skin of our blood vessels. When we age, over time deposits occur in the walls of our blood vessels, leading to stroke, heart attack, and other diseases due to vessel closure. If our roads of transportation, our blood vessels, are blocked, no nutrients, oxygen, or medicines can reach the individual cells of our tissues. Therefore, it has to be assured that all mediator substances will really get to every cell via intact, healthy blood vessels.

Last but not least, the type of stem cell injected has a significant impact on the results. Newest research has identified that CD-34+ stem cells exert multiple beneficial effects on the repairing and one CD-34+ can repair up to "60.000" ill cells. This is a major shift in stem cell treatment and up to date the most advanced and effective stem cells.

So far, only a few stem cell clinics in the world have set new standards. With over 40 years of experience in cell therapy, the SWISS company VIMED CELL, was the first to take this new, effective step towards comprehensive anti-aging therapy. In fact, this new therapy is truly unique in its form, the main novelty being that second messengers are used in combination with CD-34+ stem cell therapy. In addition, the clearing of vascular blockages is an important factor that is crucial for the success of this therapy. The goal of this new cell therapy is to produce a general revitalisation of the entire body, including improvement in vitality, enhancement of sexual and mental powers, as well as regaining confidence and quality of a prolonged life.

Being a patient at a selected clinic, such as VIMED CELL, means that every patient is screened and studied thoroughly for hidden conditions and diseases, which is an essential prerequisite for any successful therapy.

Depending on the complex analysis and test results, the following therapies in combinations may be applied:

  • Administration of stem cells enriched and derived from the blood vessels of patients, injected directly into the damaged tissue

  • Intravenous therapy with high-energy lasers of different energy levels

  • Administration of defined substances, usually obtained from nature, for the activation of

  • the immune system, the intracellular protein synthesis, the improvement of blood flow,

  • and the general vascular situation.

  • Pain treatment with sublesionally applied substances

  • Facial Injections of stem cells into wrinkles

  • Every person is an individual and every health issue has to be treated individually. Since stem cell therapy is an investment in your health, we would like to provide you with some guidelines. These guidelines are intended to help you select the right clinic and the right therapy for your individual needs. In this context, you need to consider the following:

  •  What kinds of cells are used? Will the physician of the clinic use my own cells or cells from donors? In case of donor cells, what is the source and how high is the risk of allergies and diseases that may be transmitted through the donor cells?

  • What makes this type of therapy offered by the clinic effective and suitable for me?

  • Is the clinic specialised in stem cell therapies and how many years of experience do

  • they have?

  • How experienced is the doctor who is dealing with my case? Most senior medical

  • experts have more than 30 years of work experience.

  • Does a physician perform detailed health checks and screenings, such as ultra sound

  • before starting a cell therapy programme?

  • Is my treatment plan a standard, fixed one, or will the therapy be individually adjusted

  • based on the findings of my health check?

  • Does the proposed treatment schedule allow the doctor enough valuable time with me

  • to answer questions and discuss things that are important to me?

  • Does the clinic make exaggerated promises or promises about curing a condition?

  • Nowadays too many clinic make unethical und unprofessional claims.

  • If this is the case, the professionalism at this clinic needs to be questioned, as promises about healing and curing are illegal and unsafe.

  • Who is the actual owner of the clinic? Is the owner a financial investor from abroad (e.g. from Asia) who only focuses on having financial benefits instead of focussing on the treatment of people?

  • Modern, highly individualized stem cell therapy helps patients in many ways, especially to the effect that all functions of the body can be improved, the aging process can be slowed down, and the dream of living a long life remaining strong and healthy is on the way to become reality.

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