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VIMEDCELL Treatment Options With Stemcell Therapy


Stemcell Pain Management

In case of acute and chronic pain, the VIMED CELL therapies start with a detailed analysis to find the root cause of the pain. Following the understanding of the root cause, the respective therapies will start. In almost all cases we were able to help the chronic pain patients significantly.

Stemcell Hepatitis Treatment

Liver cell regeneration and anti-inflammation effects.

Treat Alzheimer Disease With Stemcells

Improvement of remaining performance and cognitive activity.

Post---Cancer Treatment with Stemcells

Strengthening of the body own immune system and effectivity of hte T- and B- Lymphocites. This is specifically important as these cells detect and eliminate those cancer cells that every human being build up on a daily basis.

The VIMED CELL therapies close gaps in the defence of malignant cells and avoids significantly / prevents recurrence.

Menopause Stemcell Treatment

Reduce or avoid menopausal complications.

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