Acomponying Cancer Treatment

Successful investments are not purely financial: investing in your health is just as important. VIMED CELL enables you to invest directly in your health, both now and in the future. We help women to live healthier and happier lives. We also treat conditions that are specific to women’s health and beauty.
Based in an elegant country house in Kandern, Germany, VIMED CELL is a unique Swiss-German boutique clinic
with decades of experience. Our unique stem cell therapy is proven to enhance appearance, boost vitality, rejuvenate
skin, alleviate pain and increase fertility. Our treatments are client-centric and pain free.

BEING CONFIDENT IN your health and appearance enables you to feel and perform at your best. Yet energy levels, physical beauty and concentration can be impaired by ageing and an intense schedule, which
is why you need to take time to invest in a health strategy for your future.
At VIMED CELL, we begin with a detailed medical analysis to assess your overall health. This process empowers you with a real understanding of your health, and helps you plan for current and future treatments.


Our therapies – which treat conditions from the inside – are not rushed.

We take time to identify exactly what your needs are and how we can help.


VIMED CELL focuses on anti-ageing, rejuvenation and combatting diseases
related to ageing, though treatments are always adapted to our guests’ needs.

Our detailed consultation process gives you time to talk through your concerns, symptoms and goals: we understand that looking youthful and healthy helps people feel good about themselves,
and that energy loss and dull skin can impact on confidence.
Desired benefits might include:

— higher energy levels to counteract stress, short-term exhaustion and chronic fatigue
— enhanced and healthier appearance — improved memory and cognitive ability

— pain relief for conditions such as hip, knee, shoulder and back pain
— improved fertility

At our 5-star boutique clinic we treat one person at a time, as well as family and friends on request.

This guarantees that you will never meet another guest while you are with us. There are no waiting rooms or appointment times, and we are completely at your service for the length of your treatment.