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The world‘s most exclusive private stem cell clinic VIMED CELL is coming to You. VIMEDCELL is excited to announce and offer its state of the art stem cell treatments exclusively in your area. Treating only one client at a time, the tailored stem cell therapies offered by VIMEDCELL work on combating energy loss, pain relief, skin rejuvenation, and overall wellness, including improving the overall immune function. Due to high demand and limited one-on-one personal medical treatments, only pre-appointments will be accepted. 

ACHIEVING ETERNAL YOUTH or HEALTH is a fantasy, but there is hard science and diagnosis behind the therapeutic and rejuvenating results achieved at the Swiss luxury clinic VIMEDCELL.
Discretion is the watchword at VIMEDCELL, which treats top executives, celebrities and royalty at its elegant country house in Germany, on the border to Switzerland at the southern Black Forest, as well as on request at different sites worldwide.
„Our setup is very private,” says owner and Managing Director Ramona Roemer, “but treating only one client at a time means they are never waiting times, and the highest health and safety protocols are followed. VIMEDCELL is not your typical concierge model. We provide state of the art services and treatments for your personal care. Whether coming to our clinic, or taking in-house appointments, anywhere in the world. 

VIMEDCELL’s therapies begin with a detailed analysis of each client’s medical history. “Before we decide on a treatment program for a client, I always ask for a medical report to make sure our therapies can help them,” says Ramona.
Time and efficacy are important to VIMEDCELL. Busy clients will want to get the most efficient treatment without having to stay too long, so treatments are adjusted to their requirement. Typically, however, treatments are spread over several days, allowing doctors to fully work through a client’s needs. “We dedicate a lot of time to understanding a client’s concerns and hearing them in their own words,” says Ramona.

Following the medical assessment, the VIMEDCELL team gauge overall health using ultrasound and blood-test analyses along with the latest computerized testing. “We bring this personal information together and discuss with clients the priorities that we think are necessary and what they want to achieve, which is often rejuvenation and anti-ageing.” The actual therapy involves a very unique and potent sub-type of stem cells, a sophisticated programming and the skills of a highly trained team. The whole procedure is non-invasive and pain free, and can take as little as a couple of hours. The most potent bone marrow cells, are detached from the client’s own bone marrow, filtrated and redeployed in deficient areas. These cells are so pure and concentrated that one cell can repair up to 60,000 damaged or impaired cells.
Clients who have benefited from one area of treatment often return for different therapies – perhaps fertility, male potency, addiction and improving overall immune function. The benefit of the one-to-one system at VIMEDCELL is that clients are given a complete picture of their health delivered by a dedicated team. “If you need to talk to lots of different people about your health, there can be lots of communication holes,” says Ramona. “We are empowering our clients with an understanding of their own body and health.”

VIMEDCELL operates without publicity, purely through word of mouth. In a field often prey to rogue therapies and therapists, the VIMEDCELL team of doctors and researchers guard their success and integrity fiercely. “We don’t jump on every new therapy that claims to be advanced,” says Ramona. “It would be easy to attract new clients with the latest treatment, but we insist on full clinical testing first, which includes testing on ourselves, until we are satisfied.”
Under the radar it may be, but VIMED CELL has a loyal international following that values the privacy and security of its location, the absolute discretion of its professional team and the efficacy of its therapies. Eternal youth and health it isn’t, but enduring wellbeing and rejuvenation it assuredly is. 

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