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Why Consider VIMED CELL Stem Cell Therapy Over Surgery?

Whether its chronic back pain, an old injury which reappears during the winter months with agonising flare ups, or severe arthritis in the hip or knee, you may feel as though your only options are to either continually use strong medications and learn to live with it, or - in a desperate bid for relief - resort to having surgery. There is, however, an alternative option for those looking for a greater quality of life that goes beyond providing relief from pain and actually addresses the root cause of the issue behind the affliction holding you back from living your best life – stem cell therapy.

So, what can stem cell therapy offer that surgery can’t? 

Deal with the cause

Unlike many traditional treatments which aim to treat or manage symptoms - like pain, discomfort, swelling, redness or even infection - VIMED CELL Therapy focuses on repairing the ill cells that result in the emergence of these symptoms. This means that not only do symptoms improve, and clear up completely in most cases, but there is far less chance that the issue will come back in future because the health of the affected cells has been restored. 

Low risk 

No surgery comes without risk. Stem Cell therapy, on the other hand, does. Using your own healthy stem cells, your body will not reject or have an allergic reaction to the treatment. 

No long recovery times or required repeat procedures 

A major factor behind the choice to live with troubling afflictions is the recovery time post-surgery. With a back operation for example, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a number of months before you can return to your regular routine. Someone with an active lifestyle, busy family life or important professional responsibilities doesn’t necessarily have this much time to spare. 

VIMED CELL’s Stem Cell Therapy, which is prescribed over two to three days depending on the specific treatment, requires no recovery time at all. 

In addition, unlike invasive knee or hip replacements, which currently need to be repeated to exchange the implant after 10 to 15 years, the affects of VIMED CELL Stem Cell Therapy (addressing the root cause of the problem) are permanent.  

Proven results

South African television personality, beauty pageant titleholder, businesswoman and philanthropist, Basetsana Kumalo lived with constant pain in her ankle following a fracture many years ago. She underwent an operation whereby she had pins inserted into her ankle but, it was only after her visit to VIMED CELL (where she received both a medical detox treatment as well as targeted stem cell therapy to treat her ankle) that the pain went away – and did so immediately. 

It’s results like these which highlight the advantages presented by the innovative treatment, which is worth seriously considering by those who value their long-term health and wellbeing.

Taking the above in mind - together with the cost of private healthcare treatments and the strain placed on national healthcare systems resulting in lengthy waiting lists - the investment in a long-term solution like VIMED CELL Therapy is something to consider for those with the financial means to do so. 

With effective alternatives like stem cell therapy now available, you no longer need to turn to the traditional options for dealing with painful conditions.

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