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Stem Cell Treatment - AREAS OF FOCUS

- Longevity and prevention 

- Pain Management 
- Lack of Energy
- Forgetfulness

- Fertility

- Long Covid

- Strengthening of immune problems
- Hashimoto 

- Thyroid Issues

- Post Cancer Treatment

- Chronic Fatique Syndrome

- Sleeping problems

- Hormonal Disbalance

- Vogt-Koyanagi

- Morbus Sjoergen

- Cancer Treatment

- Lymes disease

- Systemic lupus erythematodes

- Unresolved indications/(health)diagnosis: the medical team of VIMED CELL are experts on identifying root causes of unresolved health problems. Feel free to forward us your case.


Treating only one client at a time, the tailored stem cell therapies are based on hard science, diagnosis and decades of experiences. The aim is to treat the root cause instead of only the symptoms.The VIMED CELL health solutions work on combating longevity, energy loss, pain relief, skin rejuvenation and many other mild to moderate health issues.Prior a client is accepted for the holistic treatment program, all available medical reports and a completed health questionnaire are requested to make sure the therapies can be effective. 


The medical team brings together this puzzle of medical information, performs a premium medical checkup and discusses with you the resulting medical priorities necessary and what you want to achieve. Time and efficacy are very important. Busy guests will want to get the most efficient treatment without having to stay too long, so treatments are adjusted to your respective requirements. Typically however, treatments are spread over several days, allowing the medical expert team to fully work through your individual needs.  


VIMED CELL provides holistic cell treatments triggering the self-healing mechanism of the body. The cell treatment is intended to revitalize the whole organism. Revitalization means that there is an improvement in vitality, an increase in activity, the stabilisation of mental power, enhancement of the general resistance power and a strengthening of the body’s natural defences - the immune system.

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