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Toxins are compromising your long-term health and wellbeing?

Medical Detox treatments at VIMED CELL

Our bodies are like sponges, absorbing just about everything we expose them to and - with increasing exposure to additive-filled convenience food, medications and environmental pollution - our bodies are under pressure to process a large amount of toxins on a daily basis.

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) 2016 update to the Global Urban Ambient Air Pollution Database highlighted that more than 80% of people living in urban areas (which monitor air pollution) are exposed to pollution levels that exceed the recommended limit.

“These increasing levels of pollution, combined with the toxins that remain in our bodies when we consume certain foods, smoke or have completed courses of various medications, take their toll on our bodies and how well they are able to function in a state of accumulated toxicity.”

This is according to Mrs. Römer, Managing Director at VIMED CELL - experts in human cell therapy focusing on a range of health and wellness treatments including detoxification therapies.

With almost 40 years’ experience in cell therapy, and an unwavering commitment to health solutions, VIMED CELL’s detox treatment restores balance in the human body, helping it function optimally again.

Römer says, “Our therapies target a range of toxins, depending on the lifestyle and current health status of the client. Unlike standard diet detoxes on the market which make use of certain teas and diet programmes, we offer a medical detox which runs over five- to nine-days and is conducted at the VIMED CELL boutique clinic in Germany.  Taking the findings of toxicity level assessments over a set period of time into account, as well as a full medical check-up conducted on day one, our medical detox can be conducted if these considerations indicate that the client’s body is ready. Our diagnostics allow us to identify whether the body is capable of being detoxed, if not, we work towards preparing the body before starting treatment.”

Detoxification programmes include: Heavy Metal Detox; Smoker`s Detox; Medication Detox (eliminating medication backlogs in the body); Botox Detox; Pregnancy Detox (in preparation for a natural or In vitro fertilisation / IVF pregnancy); and Liver Detox.

While cleansing the body of toxins, the clinic emphasises the importance of maintaining and/or restoring the vitamins and minerals that the body needs and which may also have been affected by high levels of toxicity. 

Römer adds that the level of toxicity will vary from person to person, but even those who consciously try to lead healthy lifestyles - eating well and exercising regularly - can benefit from cleansing their systems of environmental toxins which are out of their control.

“To truly benefit from a medical detox, it is essential to identify the cause of the initial toxicity and avoid continuing a lifestyle that may reverse the positive results of the treatment.”

“Ultimately, detoxification is a tool to get your future health and wellbeing on the right track. Whether feeling as though your body is not functioning as it should, have decided to quit smoking or want to ensure that your body is in the best condition to carry a baby, investing in cell therapies that focus on revitalising your body and restoring its balance from the inside out offers the greatest returns – health and vitality,” she concludes.

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