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VIMED CELL FERTILITY Treatment With Stem Cells

Effect of Ovaries on Self

The ovaries have two functions; one is to release eggs and the second is to produce oestrogen. Oestrogen is the primary female sex hormone that helps develop your characteristics including breasts, hips and body hair.

Poor ovarian function will affect the secretion of oestrogen, sexual function and could result in poor texture and color of the skin, cause bloating, dry vagina, irregular menstruation and early menopause.

Effect of Ovaries on Baby

Disorders of the ovaries are most common reason why women are unable to conceive. This is because after the age of 30, the quality and number of eggs decline. Even if conception is possible, unhealthy ovaries could result in variation of the egg’s DNA and could directly affect the health of the baby.

VIMED CELL Stem Cell Therapy

It is crucial we analyse both the woman and the man as the problem can be with either. For women, the VIMED CELL Stem Cell Therapy is targeted to repair the cells and structures at the surface of the ovaries, so your fertility will be great. We are proud to say that we have a track record of success for 87% of patients applying our VIMED CELL Stem Cell Therapy.


A couple married 49 and 41 years old had been married for 7 years and they were unhappy about being childless. Apparently the husband had a low sperm count. One year after receiving the VIMED CELL Stem Cell Therapy the couple gave birth to a healthy beautiful girl.

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