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Tackling the effects of aging from the inside out

Anti Aging Treatments Using Your Own Stem Cells

In an age of extreme media influence and a heightened focus on female empowerment, there is increasing pressure on women to keep up with others half their age. This leads many down the path of covering up the visible effects of aging such as greying hair and the appearance of wrinkles, all whilst ignoring the aging processes going on within their bodies.

“Cumulative cell damage causes the visible, and internal, effects of aging and occurs naturally as we grow older and our cells begin to wear out. The ability of our bodies to constantly generate new cells also slows down with age, often resulting in a lack of energy and a reduced capability to repair cells and tissues which, in turn, accelerates the aging process.” 

“This starts at the age of 25, when cell separation begins to slow down and the body becomes less resistant to environmental influences, bacteria and viruses. This, coupled with high levels of stress and consuming too much fast food and alcohol, can lead to the development of various diseases,” says Ramona Roemer, Managing Director of VIMED CELL - experts in human cell therapy focusing on anti-aging.

Despite the world`s challenging economic climate, the Euromonitor International 2020 Beauty and Personal Care report reveals that globally we are experiencing ongoing demand for beauty and personal care products. In addition, cosmetic procedures which conceal the effects of aging (such as fat injections into the face and hands) continue to grow in popularity. 

Ramona, the VIMEDCELL CEO says, “Starting the age of 45 years may be the best time to ask if we, as women, are making the right provisions to care for ourselves. Not just in terms of our appearance and time spent pampering, but rather in terms of investing in our long-term health and wellbeing – inside and out.”

With almost 40 years’ experience in stem cell therapy, VIMED CELL’s anti-aging CD34+ Stem Cell Therapy is intended to result in a general revitalisation of the entire body to improve vitality, stabilise mental power, enhance physical strength and boost the body’s natural defences.

Each session of the unique Stem Cell Therapy only takes about 2-3 days and involves a deep understanding of the bodys’ deficiencies, preparation of the body and cells as well as injecting them - into the part of the body which requires the treatment. This approach is in line with most modern research. 

Those with the financial means to invest in their health and wellbeing are able to take a trip to Switzerland and escape their daily stresses and strains. At VIMED CELL they will be able to enjoy a life-changing rejuvenation treatment in a first class, refined, elegant and relaxing environment.

While the desire to remain youthful is as old as humanity itself, VIMEDCELL suggests that addressing the effects of aging should go hand-in-hand with improving one’s quality of life and investing in long-term health.

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