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VIMED CELL Switzerland - The Most Advances Stem Cell Treatment


 1.You offer the world’s most advanced cell therapy, please tell us a bit more about your clinic and what makes you so special?

  • For Opinion Leaders, ageing and intense schedules can impair energy levels, physical beauty and concentration. We support our guests from all over the world in being confident in their health and appearance which enables them to feel and perform at their best. We empower each of them about their well being, support them with their health strategy and provide the best medical treatments for their individual needs, treating the real cause and as opposed to only the symptom. 

  • The therapy focus is on longevity, rejuvenation and combating diseases and issues related to ageing, pain, woman’s health, man’s health as well as addictions. 

  • To conform with the personal needs, we only treat one guest at a time (or on request with family and/or friends), without any rush or people waiting in the waiting room. And to completely suite the safety needs, in an exceptional discrete location and surroundings in Germany on the border to Switzerland. 


How has been your experience with patients from the MiddleEast, in particular from the GCC?

  • Our experience with guests from GCC countries is very nice as we share common values. Families are the most important and this is how we operate at VIMED CELL. We are one VIMED family and as many of our valuable guests say being with us feels like being “home away from home”. What we see a lot from our GCC guests is that at first one guest comes for treatment and several weeks later we have the honour to treat their mothers, fathers, siblings. This shows how important the family still is for the GCC guests and this is, as we believe, very unique and special in the 21st century. 

  • Another aspect our guests from the Middle East love about our medical services is that we fully respect all cultures that come to us. For example we do have a praying room at our clinic with praying carpets. Further we do serve nice Arabic coffee and Arabic sweets as we want our guests to feel like home and avoid feeling like being in a medical environment. To achieve the best medical results our guests need to feel confident, relaxed and trust us.  

  • One aspect we have noticed, but not only from the GCC region, it seems to be a trend in a lot of markets that people are less patient when it comes to their health. Patients rather like to throw in an antibiotic or undergo a surgery with risks, when in fact it is not needed. As you can imagine, both can have immense negative side effects. This is not to say that antibiotics or surgery is not needed, but it needs to be taken at the right time. As said though, this is rather a trend from various markets than from „only“ one region. 


In a fast paced world where everyone is constantly overloaded by information (email,etc..),which can lead form any to“toxicstress”syndromes, how do you care for patients with that kind of addiction?


We see year over year that “toxicstress” is getting more and more a problem all over the globe. This is of course nothing new. New are the programs we have developed to combat this issue as stress can cause in the long run horrible diseases in our body. Since everybody is different we have various programs to address the „Toxicstress“ syndrome of each of our guests. 


Nowadays, stress on the body and mind has multiple factors. Each of these factors we have to think about and try to find a solution for. There are for example heavy metals that nowadays we all have in our food, water and air despite the region we are living in. Depending from wich area in the world our guests come the levels of heavy metals in our body can significantly vary. 


What we know in medicine today is that these toxic heavy metals have a long term negative effect on our body and our mind as we do not just find them in our body but also in our brains which can cause forgetfulness, sleeplessness, a bad memory and many more.  Talking about the mind, which is a very important piece in medicine that needs to be factored in when you want to achieve great results with your health we also offer proven and advanced addiction programs in a ver private environment. Also here we follow our one-to-one treatment approach. Only one patient at a time. 


With the merging stress and pressure most people nowadays have to deal with, not everybody can resist to take advantage of substances that harm our body. This can be the abuse of medication, alcohol, drugs, shopping or gambling addiction but also the growing number of internet- and mobile phone addiction, especially under the younger generation this is a global trend. To cover all these aspects and to help our guest and their families in a holistic way we are offering medical detox programs and advanced addiction programs for those who need it. I want to stress that we are not just speaking about a soft spa detox program , but a real intense medical detox to get the body again in a balance. Only when our body is in a balance the self healing mechanisms can work at its best. 


Your rejuvenating therapies work quickly and efficiently, how long does on an average treatment takes and how do you make sure that your patients are not slipping back in their habits?

We are specialised in holistic medicine since several decades and very well known for. This also means we are constantly looking for better and more efficient ways to improve our unique treatments. This allows us to offer very effective medical treatment that can lead to great results. 

Our guest usually stay for 3-5 days. On the first day we start with  a premium medical check up. Based on the findings of this premium check-up, we put together a tailored made treatment program, which consist of preparing the body for the upcoming treatment and finally do the treatment. The focus will be on where to bring the body back into a balance helping to activate its self healing mechanisms. 


Activating these self-healing mechanisms mean that the treatment has a sustainable benefit, even when the guests have returned home or continued their journey. With this we can achieve the best and most effective results. 


After the treatment, we stay in touch for some time to follow up with our guests on individual topics where it is needed.


Every person is different and hence, our treatments are highly individual. No one is the same and has exactly the same health issues. 


Since we exclusively treat opinions leaders and their friends and families we have to make sure that all our guests feel save, secure and like being home. This is one of the reasons why we only operate under our “one-to-one” concept.  Only one guest and family gets treated at a time and all happens in a very discrete environment.  


Another reason for our highly personalised and discrete “one-to-one” treatment is to identify the root cause of the problem to effectively help our guest. To support this process, there is always only one dedicated medical team of which also helps to avoid communication gaps. Personal and medical safety, security and quality is key and number one at VIMED CELL. 


We have learned over the years that this brings the best results. Before our guest are leaving us to get back to their normal live we provide recommendations, of what they can and should do. This is again based on each case and varies. Being so individual, personal and with such dedication is much appreciated by our guest and often their reason to return and to continue to invest in their health with us. The opinion leaders that come to us know they are worth it.

Q5: How would you say has the general medicine changed compared to 20years sago?

As a clinic who welcomes Opinion Leaders and their families from really all over the world we get good insights into medical systems and clinics in many countries. What we can see is that medicine per se has become very impersonal and only little time is dedicated to the individual patient. This is not just a trend in some countries but all over the world. Very little time can only be dedicated by the doctors to each patient. This leaves less chance to find really the root cause of a medical condition. Instead, mainly symptoms are treated which is not effectively addressing the real problem. There is a lot of pressure on clinics and doctors to operate efficiently which often is a disadvantage for the patients. We hear nowadays more often that doctors don’t even have the time to really examine the patient while they are mainly treating x-ray or MRI pictures. Of course all doctors want to help their patients but too often, and this is really the main trend we see nowadays in medicine, they don’t get the time that is needed to be spend with a patient. 

This is different at VIMED CELL and therefore we have our “one-to-one” concept. That means one patient one dedicated doctor and the medical team at a time. 

Another problem we see as well and this has to do with the time pressure is that mistakes happen more often. Things are overseen or not found that normally are very obvious. 


On the other hand, in the past decades, medicine has developed rapidly and with new technologies on the horizon many things are now possible that where not achievable 20 years ago. With this development also the speciality of each doctor has increased which is positive on one side but on the other side it can also turn out negative. What we also recognise is that more often patients have to see multiple doctors and in the end it is difficult to bring together multiple findings into one picture. 


So, yes we see the advantages in medicine and the gains for the patient but we also see the downside that comes with specialising, time pressure on the doctors and not being able to treat one patient holistically. 


In addition you have nowadays a lot of clients that search for medical information on the internet. This as well has its plus and minuses. There is a lot of information out there on the internet that is not scientifically supported or simply not correct. Further, there are a lot of offerings that play with the hopes of people, making false promises which can even lead to dangerous situations. On the other side, it can be very positive the more information a patient has about his/her health condition so he/she continues to enjoy control about the health. At VIMED CELL, we spend a lot go time to empower our guests about their health so they can actively determine the best health strategy for themselves. 

Therefore, all our doctors have to have a holistic medical education. If experts are needed we have them on hand but first we need to understand the patient and his need on a holistic level. Fully supporting this concept we see great results in our guests’ health and how we can help to live a happy and healthy life, privately and professionally.    

Q6: Finally:What's the best piece of advice given to you?

Listen to your body. Don’t jump on medical trends. Understand that to be in a good medical condition the body and the mind have to be in sync. There are many good doctors in the world. Find someone you feel you can trust and give things time to become again better. It often takes very long until things such as a disease come to the surface, until we see them. Therefore, we cannot expect that with pushing only one button and our health problems can be resolved within a minute. Bringing everything into balance, back into sync, body and mind, with the help of traditional and modern medicine will activate many processes in your body for the good. We should not forget that our body, with millions of mechanisms operated every second, is a very complex and precious “machine” that needs to be well maintained. Therefore, it sometimes takes small and very difficile steps to help our body coming back into self-regulate. This can take some time. 

Since we are in Switzerland I sometimes like to compare it with a nice SWISS watch which exists out of many tiny pieces and all have to be in sync to be able to work properly. To repair a good watch you cannot only hit on it with a hammer to fix the problem. You need skilled people for maintenance, working very precisely. In a way this is what we are aiming for at VIMED CELL with each of our guests and therefore we are told many times from our guests, „stay as you are“.

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