Discrete Addiction Retreat


At our five-star boutique clinic we treat one person at a time, as well as family and friends on request.

This guarantees that you will never meet another guest while you are with us. There are no waiting rooms or appointment times, and we are completely at your service for the length of your treatment.

YOU WILL BE seen by a dedicated team during your consultation, examination and treatment to ensure complete continuity and confidence. Our team includes senior experts who each have at least 25 years’ medical experience.
Drawing on the latest research and providing entirely science-based treatments, VIMED CELL offers advanced addiction therapy.


Successful investments are not purely financial: investing in your health is just as important. VIMED CELL enables you to invest directly in your health, both now and in the future. We help man to live healthier and happier lives. We also treat conditions that are specific to man’s health.
Based in an elegant country house in Kandern, Germany, VIMED CELL is a unique Swiss-German boutique clinic with decades of experience. Our unique stem cell therapy is proven to enhance appearance, boost vitality, rejuvenate skin, alleviate pain and increase fertility. Our treatments are client-centric and pain free.